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Hot Sauce (Nieko Fuego)

Hot Sauce (Nieko Fuego)

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Crafted by Tasty Lix, "Nieko Fuego" Hot Sauce is a thrilling blend that marries the sweet & sour notes with the fiery essence of the scorpion pepper. Prepare for an unforgettable flavor experience that sets your taste buds ablaze. 

In collaboration with rap artist Nieko, this hot sauce captures the electrifying essence of his style. Just like his music motivates & inspires, "Nieko Fuego" Hot Sauce sparks a culinary adventure that tantalizes your taste buds, pushing the boundaries of flavor exploration. 

Caution: Handle with care, as this sauce delivers a fiery kick that leaves you wanting more. 

Get ready to turn up the heat. Ahi va la hostia! 

This product is FDA approved. 

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